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SCANTIST 3D is a team of engineers, inventors and entrepreneurs with vast background in the 3D scanning sector.

Always positive and striving to find ideal solutions.

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The time of time-consuming cleaning of 3D scanners, objects, the laboratory and other equipment is finally over. We, the team at SCANTIST 3D, have made it our mission to make life easier for all users in the dental CAD/CAM field and at the same time significantly raise the quality level of scan sprays.

Our team of developers has been working intensively on innovative scan sprays and is proud to make novel products available to the dental world.

Highest quality with most modern features are our claim!

We love personal contact to our clients and we’re always open for questions and discussions.

Get to know our dental scan sprays

How does dental scan spray work?

Take a look at the following video to experience how the Scantist 3D dental scan spray works.

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Highest quality with the most modern features are our claim!

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