Scantist 3D Permanent Spray, 200ml

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  • Extraoral scan spray for use in the dental industry
  • To optimize the scanning quality for CAD / CAM applications, camera / video recordings, structured light scans, blue light scans, etc.
  • Contains pigments – but free of titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • Ultra-thin layer thickness
  • Very fine, homogeneous coating
  • Efficient and economical thanks to precise spray application using a special valve with a fine nozzle
  • Adheres to all materials – even on very smooth surfaces
  • No corrosive effect
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SCANTIST 3D – permanent is a white pigment scan spray, which was developed for extraoral use in dental laboratories.

A coating with SCANTIST 3D – permanent leads to an improvement in the optical properties of tooth models, plaster casts, preparations, wax-ups, stumps and impressions.

After the application, SCANTIST 3D – permanent forms a homogeneous and very fine matting layer on the object. This avoids any reflection and the object can be scanned precisely. Fine details in geometry and surface are not affected by the coating. Thanks to a special valve with a fine nozzle, SCANTIST 3D – permanent can be applied permanently and efficiently to the smallest parts.

SCANTIST 3D – permanent contains pigments, but is free of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The coating remains on the surface after the scanning process and can be cleaned with a soft brush in combination with a wet cloth.

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Get the Scantist 3D – permanent safety data sheets.

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